Do you LOVE makeup like me?

18 Oct

Hey ladies … and gentlemen,  I want to share with you one of my favorite makeup sites!

An old co-worker’s sister is this computer science math engineering nerd by day and amazing makeup artist by night! Is she perfect? MAYBE.

She has great reviews and how to tutorials. The pictures are of great quality and instructions are super clear. Book mark the page!

Unless you are a makeup artist yourself, I guarantee you will learn something here. I definitely have.

Some looks she has created:

colorful look:













Fall look


and …    the neutral eye with dramatic liner. 




Check out her great reviews too! And you can submit questions as well.


Hope you all learn something here!



Everyone has a little bit of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in them.

18 Oct

This site totally wins for today!  I LOVE IT! Beautifully subversive!

check out:

Some examples:

I am going to look for TMNT noses in my glamour magazines and submit to the site! This is pretty awesome. Just when you think you’re Uber cool, you get slapped in the face with some Donatello and BeeBop! HAHAHAH!!!

OMG!!! FANTABULOUS PAPER EYELASHES!!!! you gotta see this…

17 Oct

Check out these amaze-ball pieces of work you can adhere to your lash line!

It’s from a company called Paperself in the U.K. but they ship world wide. A little pricey (about $26.00 for a pair) but worth the uniqueness.

Check out the fantabulousness:


Today’s Dream

17 Oct

I’ve been dreaming pretty heavily this year. Many have been bizarre (like rabid pandas).  I will document when I remember them. This one was pretty tame:

1. I dreamt I was talking about college at a bus stop with some friends and some kids were shocked to hear  we were talking about college.

2. I dreamt  that the buff Trent Reznor walked past me when I was wearing my NIN concert T-shirt….  I think he nodded at me.

3. The last sequence was me cutting my own hair badly. I made a mess of it.

Not sure what any of it means. However,  my boyfriend said last night, he started his grad school application.  (coincidence?)

And on, according to them, ” To cut your own hair or have it cut, is a sign of success in a new venture or sphere of activity.”   Ummm Yes, I will take that.

I am not sure what the Trent Reznor cameo was about. Ha. mmm….

Do you suffer from skimpy lashes?

14 Oct

I sure do! Regular mascara wands, be it straight or curved do me NO good. I always end up with mascara on my lower eyelid which can mess up my eye shadow and junk. Not cool.

On the recommendation of a friend (thanks Kellee) I found one that really works for me!

It gets all the tiny lashes without making me mascara my eyelid.

I just wanted to share my new mascara for anyone else who suffers this :

L’Oreal Telescopic EXPLOSION!!!!

Courtney Stodden, unreal teen who married the creepy “Green Mile” actor.

14 Oct

I really mean it. She is unreal! Her boobs particularly.


The Today Courtney:

I just think its funny how she and her mom keep saying she’s all natural. Let’s be real! (pun intended).