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Now Tila Tequila can stop wearing BLUE contacts!

3 Nov

Damn technology is getting crazy.

All you Brown eye folk (like me) can now get this cray cray laser surgery to change your brown eyes Blue.  That is, if  you are into that like Tila Tequila or Paris Hilton.

Supposedly takes only 20 seconds but its $5,000 bucks a pop though!

I cool with my brown eyes… no weird laser mess in my face!


Crooked Teeth Will Make you HOT in Japan!

27 Oct

What the… I did a double take when I read this one on aol.

I knew the Japanese liked crooked teeth. They think its endearing and cute.  It’s the first time though that I have seen American media talk about it. Maybe I won’t get braces after all? hahaha…

Here’s my crooked teeth.

      Someday, this may be hot here. HAHAHAHAHAHA  Probably not.

Food Friendly Halloween Blood for you and Kids!

27 Oct

Check out this cool recipe for Peanut Butter blood for Halloween on the BBC!

No harsh or weird chemicals and you can make this at home. It’s super easy and comes out nice and chunky. You won’t mind eating it either!




20 Oct

OK, this is not nice but this certainly is OMG. On, there he posted a picture of Lindsay Lohan in Court.

Now tell she doesn’t look HAGGARD!   And what’s with the Halloween Makeup?



I found her inspiration:

Riff Raff the Handyman from Rocky Horror Picture Show



And now a jump to the LEFT!!!!!!    Let’s do the time warp AGAIN~!!!!!!     BUAHAHAHAHAH!!!!


A Fluorescent Impact for your Halloween Party!

20 Oct

Not sure what you Ghouls and Ghastly Gals are dressing up as but I am going to be a Ganguro Gyaru circa 1999! Oh yeah!

If that isn’t tacky enough, in the blacklight, if I could GLOW that would be even BETTER. Enter FLUO NIGHT.  Their website has all the colors shown below but Sephora online carries only with white invisible shimmer.   Which is OK because INVISIBLE is all I’d need on top of my Ganguro Hot mess.

Check out the effects:


Nice! :

OK, This one is a little scary:

WOOP! WOOP! Party time!

See you at that Party!

Insert My face here:

Do you LOVE makeup like me?

18 Oct

Hey ladies … and gentlemen,  I want to share with you one of my favorite makeup sites!

An old co-worker’s sister is this computer science math engineering nerd by day and amazing makeup artist by night! Is she perfect? MAYBE.

She has great reviews and how to tutorials. The pictures are of great quality and instructions are super clear. Book mark the page!

Unless you are a makeup artist yourself, I guarantee you will learn something here. I definitely have.

Some looks she has created:

colorful look:













Fall look


and …    the neutral eye with dramatic liner. 




Check out her great reviews too! And you can submit questions as well.


Hope you all learn something here!


OMG!!! FANTABULOUS PAPER EYELASHES!!!! you gotta see this…

17 Oct

Check out these amaze-ball pieces of work you can adhere to your lash line!

It’s from a company called Paperself in the U.K. but they ship world wide. A little pricey (about $26.00 for a pair) but worth the uniqueness.

Check out the fantabulousness: