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Today’s Dream

17 Oct

I’ve been dreaming pretty heavily this year. Many have been bizarre (like rabid pandas).  I will document when I remember them. This one was pretty tame:

1. I dreamt I was talking about college at a bus stop with some friends and some kids were shocked to hear  we were talking about college.

2. I dreamt  that the buff Trent Reznor walked past me when I was wearing my NIN concert T-shirt….  I think he nodded at me.

3. The last sequence was me cutting my own hair badly. I made a mess of it.

Not sure what any of it means. However,  my boyfriend said last night, he started his grad school application.  (coincidence?)

And on, according to them, ” To cut your own hair or have it cut, is a sign of success in a new venture or sphere of activity.”   Ummm Yes, I will take that.

I am not sure what the Trent Reznor cameo was about. Ha. mmm….