About RabidPANDAS!

RabidPandas is named after a dream/nightmare I had where my friend and I were being attacked my miniature rabid pandas. Our legs were left bloody. Freaky shit. Not cool.

There’s a lot of things I search for on the web be it entertainment news, fashion, beauty, animal rights, cute pet stories, up to the minute breaking news, horror stories, or the best of this and that.  And also, weird random things tend to happen to me.  I’d like to create a place where I can store all this stuff and where anyone can come and find something for themselves. I’d like to keep it positive, thoughtful, interesting and most of all FUNNY! Laughter cures all …. let’s all laugh together!

ha ha ha! hee hee hee! ho ho ho! he he he! haw haw haw!  ok, I’ll stop.


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